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Commercial Properties Naples is an owner/developer of commercial and residential properties, as well as raw land in and around the Naples, Florida area. We have been developing, owning and managing properties since 1980. The principals of Commercial Properties Naples have significant experience in all types of real estate and over the years have developed a diverse portfolio of unique income producing properties.

Commercial Property FAQ

Q: What exactly is Commercial Real Estate?


"Commercial Real Estate" is any dealing with real property in a business context. It could involve leasing out office space, owning an apartment complex, or selling real property along with and as part of the sale of a business. It could be industrial or agricultural property, residential properties like apartment complexes or rental houses being held for business or income-producing purposes. It can even involve working with the government. Unless the property is a residence where the homeowner is living, you are probably dealing with commercial real estate.


Q: Are there really that many differences between a commercial real estate deal and buying a home?


While many of the concepts are the same, there can be huge differences between commercial and residential real estate.

The risk and potential liability exposure that you face on a commercial real estate deal can be much greater than when you buy a home. Concerning resale, depending on the nature of the business there before you, commercial property may have all kinds of liens and title problems not typically found with residential property. There may be greater concerns about hazardous materials or zoning issues. And location for your business needs will always come into consideration..